About me

Hello, my name is Lee Harris

Professional Photographer


I am a English photographer living in Barcelona, Spain. I have been working professionally for over 15 years and I have lived in several countries during this time.

I am primarily a photographer of people, butI  also love to do architectural/interior work. I know it is common wisdom to specialise, but I disagree. I think the best work comes when you are not always in your comfort zone; there is something about me that enjoys a little stress and excitement, it aids creativity no-end.

I love photographing people in environments and events. Apart from the traditional portraits I also enjoy sports-based work, which is often very dynamic and colourful. I relish the challenge of unknown spaces, having to think on my feet. There is a great deal of psychology needed when dealing with people, it is perhaps the intellectual component, the tech should be the   instinctive part, if your want to get the best shots you can.

I also like writing, I have my own blog and also contribute articles to the website PhotoApps.Expert about my experiences using Capture One Pro software

I have recently set up a studio space that can be used for more formal types of head-shots, this might be business profiles, C.Vs, or social media sites.

I also now have a new site aimed at corporate clients, that includes events and interior/architectural photography, take a look here.