Advertising and Product Photography

I would say that Advertising as a photographic discipline is the most recent work I have come to, not that I have not, in one way or another, been doing it for years, it’s just that I still find it  seems to exist, sometimes, in a nebulous space that can incorporate other work (e.g. fashion, product shots). I have done several shoots which basically fall into these categories one for belts and another for bags.

As a discipline advertising photography allows for a type of creativity not seen elsewhere,  has a better budget and less time constraints, it may however also can be more challenging, demanding higher production values, but this is great for photographers who actually know what they are doing technically and don’t just hope to ‘wing it’ with creativity, hoping for happy accidents to get the shot.

It is often the preserve of specialists who demand high prices and work for prestigious clients, however a good photographer should have the skill set to get something approaching this level if need be, for clients who don’t have such big budgets or do not need those hyper-pristine shots of indicative of most luxury goods.

I personally think being a little out of your comfort zone is where the creativity can be found, no complacency, no formulaic solutions to fall back on, you start with a clean slate and a fresh eye.